The vision:
Push the boundaries

Green and future-proof architecture is measured not just by the construction materials or energy footprint. It’s about the dialogue a building enters into with its surroundings – about creative exchange that revolves around urban planning, but also the broader cultural discourse. Green spaces are integrated in response to urban densification, while new ways of working are breaking down old spatial structures in offices. The buildings of tomorrow are thinking for themselves outside their own four walls, even today.
In the conception of AERA, BAUWENS applied the principle of speculative design. This strategy combines spatial and temporal levels, non-material and material approaches to completely new ideas that push all the boundaries and time horizons. It might sound abstract, but in AERA it becomes a reality – an experience and living space for everyone.

“Our aim was to create the green building of the future. Not just on paper or the scoring model. But a truly green building.”


Every one of our projects starts with a vision, a fancy, a dream image of tomorrow. Without vision, no project can have any prospect of success. As project developers, we are used to questioning boundaries and coming up with alternatives.

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An office garden is an extension of the company into the outside space, and is designed with the employees and their needs in mind. It is a multifaceted hybrid space, an in-between space that stylishly combines work and leisure.

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“It’s easiest to predict the future when you shape it yourself.”


Our ambition is to provide a fresh, contemporary impulse and to create ecological added value for the urban ecosystem through the targeted integration of green spaces. AERA sets an example in efficient construction and sustainable building planning that fosters vitality.

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“What exactly is an office? What space does work need today and in the future?”


When visionaries work together on the future, it’s time to break with old, rigid structures and merge the boundaries between the city and nature, the interior and the exterior.

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